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FancyAI is an AI-powered SEO software designed to help businesses grow and achieve more. Gain more visibility, credibility, customers, and revenue organically through search.

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What’s the smartest way to
do your SEO?

Simple to Use
Powerful Stategic AI
All of SEO Automated

Your SEO Command Center

FancyAI is a fully-integrated SEO platform that strategically finds opportunities and secures the listings at the top of search that will grow your business. Push-button approval lets you sit back while FancyAi does all of the hard work.

  • Strategic SEO AI
  • Review Center
  • Dashboard
  • Content Network
  • Reporting & More

Redefining How
SEO Works


Currently integrated with Shopify & Wordpress with more to come!

  • Push button for Updates and Content
  • Off-site Content and Backlinking
  • Technical SEO fixes

Revenue Focused

AI learns your business. Focuses on Getting You Sales

  • ROI focused AI
  • Finds Hidden Opportunties
  • More Powerful than any Human (by a Long Shot)

Affordable SEO

Stop Paying High Prices to SEO Agencies

  • Low Monthly Cost
  • No Contracts
  • You Can See FancyAI's Work Yourself

There are just a few benefits of FancyAI. There’s so much more!

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The SEO Problem

You know you need to be found on Google and other Search Engines. The problem is hiring an SEO agency you can trust is expensive and hard to find. Doing SEO in-house is equally difficult because handing the complexity of SEO is more than a full-time position.

  • Great SEO is Time Consuming and Costly
  • FancyAI makes Amazing SEO Easy and Affordable

Without FancyAI, businesses relying on traditional SEO methods via agencies or in-house teams face significant limitations. They struggle with keeping pace with rapidly evolving SEO trends and algorithms, leading to potentially outdated strategies. Additionally, these conventional approaches lack the efficiency, scalability, and personalization that our AI-driven SEO offers, resulting in a slower, less effective, and often more expensive process to improve online visibility and search rankings.

Your SEO Solution is a
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High-Quality Content Creation.

The AI's ability to generate engaging, relevant, and SEO-optimized content in your brand's voice is a game-changer.

Unmatched Strategy

FancyAI finds profit opportunties where other's do not. Our system will intelligently find the most effective keywords and content for any given business niche.

Content Network

Our content network of several hundred thousand media and content partners allows the FancyAI to find customers and higher search rankings.

Measurable Impact to Revenue

We don't just talk the talk, but walk the walk. Fully reporting the impact of FancyAI to your revenue.

The Technology

FancyAI stands at the forefront of SEO innovation with its AI-driven technology, adept at identifying and optimizing potent keywords specific to various business sectors, thus ensuring high-impact search engine visibility. The platform's technological marvel extends to the creation and automated distribution of captivating, SEO-enriched content across a vast content distribution network, encompassing numerous blogs and media outlets, significantly amplifying online presence and backlink acquisition.

  • Unparalled Strategic AI
  • Simple to Use, but Extremely Powerful

Constantly evolving, FancyAI's AI algorithms adapt to the dynamic digital landscape, guaranteeing that the SEO tactics employed are not only effective in the present but also resilient and compliant with the ever-changing search engine protocols. This seamless integration of cutting-edge keyword optimization, content creation, and an expansive distribution network empowers small to medium-sized businesses with a scalable and efficient SEO solution, translating directly into tangible revenue growth.

Ditch Your SEO Agency. Do SEO The Fancy Way.


Average monthly savings over an SEO agency


10x or more the efficiency of your in-house team


Be 100% sure your SEO dollars are getting you results